The high quality Natural Sandstone from Siloam Stone is an excellent choice for Hand Stacked retaining walls. In addition to the beauty of our genuine real stone, its outstanding durability provides assurance that it will withstand the most extreme conditions. Installation of walls is always critical to the integrity and longevity of every project. Siloam Stone has a wealth of information available to assist you in your wall building project. Siloam Stone offers a variety of genuine stone in a range of natural earth tones including Sienna Buff & Sienna Grey with gold, burnt sienna, rose, brown, and rust accents. The dark weathered surface Field Stone or Moss Rock are also available for hand stack walls. In Littleton, CO, a spectacular terraced retaining wall was hand installed using Siloam Sienna Buff wall stone. Examples of other attractive hand stack retaining walls include walls built for Grand Timber Lodge / Peak Resorts in Breckenridge, CO and residences in Colorado Springs and Pueblo West, CO.