Siloam Stone Mission Statement
  • To provide high quality building stone products.
  • To assist our customers in the selection of the proper product for the specific application.
  • To provide the appropriate product when it is needed.
  • To make each transaction a positive experience with complete satisfaction.

Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Siloam Stone, Inc. is committed to a policy of guaranteed customer product satisfaction. This can only be accomplished with a complete understanding of our customers’ needs, and our customers’ familiarity with our products. To avoid time delays, improper product interpretation, and costly mistakes, Siloam Stone, Inc. may require that specific information regarding product quality, product size, and product use be provided to clarify an order prior to loading and shipping. Our primary goal is to ship the products the customer wants and needs in a timely manner. In some instances this could require the customer’s physical inspection and approval of the product at the Siloam Stone, Inc. staging area. We also have digital photo technology available which allows us to take a digital photo of products and send it via Email for approval. These procedures enable us to make any adjustments prior to loading and shipping. Siloam Stone offers excellent custom sorting procedures, but we presently do not offer dimensional stone (except on a special order basis). Standard variations in size should be expected and we will make every effort to make you aware of these variations. Our products will provide a lifetime and generally multiple lifetimes of beauty, reliability and durability. Although we want every sale to be Siloam Stone we will not hesitate to advise you of any limitations our stone may have in your particular application or if another stone product might better serve your needs. We have a wealth of resources available to assist you in your search for the best product selection.