These large Siloam slab stones require machine installation to create an extraordinary retaining wall for your home or property. The uniqueness of our genuine stone’s color and texture creates a stratified and layered appearance that is both elegant and natural. Siloam Stone comes from the Dakota Sandstone deposit that is well known for its building stone integrity. The stone has outstanding durability that is suitable for the most extreme conditions. The exceptional resistance to erosion and freeze-thaw conditions will provide a lifetime of reliability and stability in addition to the inherent beauty of this genuine stone. The excellent load bearing strength and other physical properties make Siloam Stone suitable for virtually any residential or commercial retaining wall application. If you are looking for the wow factor; Siloam Stone machine installed slabs are your natural, sustainable, dramatic choice.


The Massive Wall Slabs shown in these photos were used to construct magnificent machine installed walls at Highlands at Breckenridge, the Blue River Walk in Breckenridge, CO, and Rendezvous Development in Winter Park, CO. An impressive round-a-bout using Massive Wall Slabs 12-36 inch thick was also created in Breckenridge by machine installation.