With many of us thinking “Green” these days, how does Siloam Stone achieve your sustainability goals? Well, you would find it hard to beat Siloam Stone when it comes to life cycle and recycling properties. In addition, Siloam has excellent thermal properties, and the light earth tone colors reflect the sun, keeping you cooler in the summer while holding in the heat during the winter. Indoor and outdoor environmental qualities of Siloam Stone are ideal; absolutely no harmful emissions are released from our stone in the end use environment. Our stone can be very advantageous in the landscape environment as well. Siloam Stone can keep the ground cool to reduce evaporation and ultimately reduce the amount of water required to keep plants healthy and vibrant. Our environmental impact in our quarrying process is among the best in the industry. Energy usage is well below the average due to our extremely efficient mining process. We incorporate BMP (Best Management Practices) in all our mining and reclamation processes. We also meet or exceed all Federal, State and local regulations. For more information on LEED credits and the continuing efforts of the Natural Stone Council, please read the attached PDF’s and/or visit the attached links to the Genuine Stone Web Site and the Building Stone Institute Web site.