Siloam Fieldstone, Moss Rock or Layered Sandstone offer architects and home owners a wide range of veneer colors and designs. A rustic south-western or a formal distinguished look are both available with Siloam Stone. The utilization of our stone is limited only by your imagination and skill. Explore the magic of Siloam natural Stone.

As shown in the photos you can use our economical natural random web wall veneer, strip stone (chopped) veneer, or custom cut random ashlar veneer stone to create the appearance that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Natural stone will not fade or degrade over time and requires minimal to no maintenance. Never worry about repainting or refinishing for the life of your home, retail store or office building. The insulating and sustainable characteristics of natural stone help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. For more information on the sustainability of natural stone please visit our Sustainability page under the About Us tab.

If you are building a new home make sure your builder knows up front that you are interested in full thickness natural stone veneer, the foundation for the home must be built to support the full thickness veneer. If your home is already built or you do not have the foundational support in your current plans please refer to our Thin Stone & Dimensional Veneer page for options that do not require any foundation support.

Many builders will promote manufactured / fake stone as an economical option, they all say it looks like real stone. Rather than trying to convince everyone it looks like real stone (which it does not) how about we just use real natural stone! No one ever says they wish they had used fake stone.