Water features are an excellent way to enhance the landscaping around your home or business property. Genuine Natural Stone from the Siloam quarry in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains certainly complements any water feature design.
Our Siloam Slabs, Blocks & Cinnamon Shadow Boulders add beauty and dimension to any water feature. Siloam Moss Rock, Field Stone or nature sculpted Canyon Stone & Specimen Stone Boulders add rich color contrasts and aesthetic value to the overall design.
  • Provides an interactive art and real life experience
  • Provides substantial aesthetic value
  • Produces calming focal points
  • Relieves stress
  • Creates a personal, private oasis
  • Enhances curb appeal
  • Increases your home’s value
  • Attracts wildlife
Types of Water Features Suspended stone allows water to plunge in a dramatic vertical drop or slabs can be terraced, creating a gentle cascading waterfall. Whether you choose a babbling brook as a calming focal point or an exquisite water garden where you can find peace and tranquility after a stressful day, Siloam Stone has virtually no limitations. So whatever you visualize as the perfect, unique water feature for your environment, we can provide the right Real Genuine Stone for:  
  • Waterfalls
  • Streams
  • Natural Stone Fountains
  • Water Gardens
  • Bubbling Boulders
  • Vanishing Ponds
  • Pondless Water Features
  • Koi Ponds
Award Winning Project Utilizing Siloam Stone The Promenade & Burgess Creek Restoration project in Steamboat Springs, CO, won the 2012 People’s Choice Award and Merit Award as recorded in the ASLA Colorado Exposures, the 2013 Awards Edition. This vast, natural, artistic water feature was designed by Wenk & Associates and installed by Duckels Construction. Large Siloam Slabs form the cascading waterfalls creating an interactive environment which invites visitors to take off their shoes and wade in the cool, shallow water as they ascend and descend the cascading stone staircase. (see more photos under the Galleries Tab – Steamboat Springs, CO)
Types of Siloam Stone Used for Water Features
  • Siloam Slab Stone & Quarry Blocks
  • Cinnamon Shadow Quarry Boulders
  • Canyon Stone Boulders
  • Specimen Stone Boulders
  • Siloam Wall Stone, Field Stone or Moss Rock


Water features added for beauty and motion to complement landscaping for commercial properties are depicted in the photos below. The landscaping outside the Wells Fargo Bank in Canon City, CO, utilizes Natural Stacked Sandstone Slabs and Canyon Stone to create a waterfall and pond drawing customers and community to their outdoor environment.
  Siloam Quarry Blocks and Large Sienna Buff and Sienna Grey Slabs were used in various locations in the outdoor environment of Stone Crossing in Colorado Springs, CO. From a serene pond to sit and relax by to a rushing waterfall, Siloam Stone was used to enhance their outdoor setting with a very dramatic effect.
At the Great Timber Lodge in Breckenridge, CO, two hot tubs (upper not seen) are surrounded by Canyon Stone Boulders, hand stack Sienna Buff Wall Stone, and Sienna Buff veneer masonry on the building. The waterfall connects the two hot tubs.
A stunning water feature was also created using Siloam Stone surrounding the large sign slab for the Centennial Ranch at the Centennial-Sage Brush Development in Parker, CO.
  The photos below exemplify how Siloam Stone has been used to create spectacular water features that provide calming focal points and serene environments in residential applications. Two residences in Colorado Springs, CO, effectively used Siloam Stone to create striking elements to their outdoor landscape.
The photo on the left illustrates large slabs and Cinnamon Shadow Quarry Boulders to line a stream bed that forms gentle waterfalls as it meanders down the hillside.
Siloam stair treads, natural slabs, wall stones, and moss rock create a personal natural creek outside this home on the right.
  The photo below depicts a gorgeous illustration of how Large Stacked Sandstone Slabs fashion a beautiful, plummeting waterfall for a residence in Parker, CO.
A whimsical sculpture of children crossing a fallen log over a trickling stream graces the landscaping in the Mountain Vale Cemetery in Canon City, CO. The stream initiates from a soothing meditative waterfall created from 4-7” thick Wall Slabs and 3-5” thick Wall Stone. Truly, the utilization of Siloam Stone for water features is limited only by your imagination and skill.